Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID) - Ireland

Please note that the changes referred to in this notice do not affect the cover provided under the policy.

Previously our policies were underwritten by Hiscox Underwriting Ltd (HUL) as an intermediary on behalf of the insurers shown in the schedule. Most sections of the policies were insured by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited (HIC), although some sections were insured by other insurers, as detailed on the schedule.

As a result of Brexit, sections of our policies that were previously insured by HIC are now insured by Hiscox SA (HSA) directly. HUL will no longer act as intermediary. HSA is an insurance company in the Hiscox group, domiciled and regulated in Luxembourg.

As a result of the change of insurer from HIC to HSA, we have had to make a number of changes to the way in which our policies are administered, including how complaints are dealt with. In order to reflect these changes, the a few amendments are made to our policy documents. From January 1st 2019 onwards, please ensure to always use the documentation in this website together with the respective endorsement from the list below.

5374 08/17606 Home Insurance (buildings) - Ireland - IPID – 19330 (09/18)
5374 08/17606 Home Insurance (contents) - Ireland - IPID – 19331 (09/18)
5374 08/17606 Home Insurance (travel) - Ireland - IPID – 19332 (09/18)
5374 08/17606 Home Insurance (personal cyber) - Ireland - IPID – 19333 (09/18)
5374 08/17606 Home Insurance (family protection) - Ireland - IPID – 19334 (09/18)
7900 WD-PIP-UK-CMM(7)Combined Medical Malpractice, Public and Products Liability - Ireland - IPID – 19414 (09/18)

6290 01/09

6290 12/14

Professional indemnity for accountants - Ireland - 19656 12/18
6341 03/09Professional indemnity for Chartered Accountants - Ireland - 19657 12/18
290424Office package - Ireland - 19349